sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2012

Message Clarification

The English Club is not a class, or a English Course ok!

It will be a meeting with people that like English, want talk a bit more and speak fluently. All the people that participates in the club will give your contribution and the principal goal is SPEAK ENGLISH, (but we can see all the habilities too).

In this club there is a maximum amount of participants. Preferably the first to write your comments in this blog.

If you wrote and no appeared your comments, DON'T WORRY, because I will read your comment and after that it appears ok!!!

English Club will be starting soon, leave your comment answering if you want to join and why.

2 comentários:

  1. Hi teacher!!!
    Hi teacher would love to participate primarily because I'll be talking and practicing what I'm learning and putting into practice this with other people. I do not have many people to talk to coach travel only a few friends and my teachers and in this time I feel pretty good about being with people who also like the english like me
    So and so, kissing would be happy to participate

    Wanessa Waleska!!!

    1. Wanessa there are many people like you, waiting an oportunity to speak English. We will meet them there.

      See you!

      Teacher Zoraide