quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Let's speak English so much!!!
Would you like to study english at Thursday night? Why?
Write down why do you want participate of the ENGLISH CLUB.

Let's speak fluently ok!!!

I hope your message. See you!!!

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  1. Hello my dear how are you?? :)
    I love english and very interesting to learn other languages,I have curse day Monday so I'm always learning new things and it really is very important to me.
    It would be good to study English on Thursday, most always am studying English.
    I had the opportunity to meet people who speak fluent English and was very good for me to practice....
    Kisses baby!!
    Wanessa Waleska :D

  2. Ok Wanessa W. I loved your words, soon I talk with you when the English Club starts.
    See you at School!!

  3. hi teacher! I really liked your blog, it is quite interactive.;-)

  4. Yes Arielson, I agree with you, and it is a space for interaction and we can make a lot of other things too.
    What's your opinion about talk English Friday night?

  5. speak English on Friday nights? it would be very interesting for lovers of English, since it will be with you teacher! So I guess if it is disclosed and approve personnel as well as I approved, will do quite successfully.;-)
    good luck "! kisses

  6. The most important Arielson is that who participate be realy interested do you agree? And I will be there too ok! Hugs ;)